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Everyone has unique commercial strengths and handicaps. PLANNING, DOING, INSPIRING, or LISTENING? We designed these resources to compliment a range of needs and situations.

Each free resource will be meaningful at different stages of your journey or sales cycle.

Let us know how they work for you. Pass it on. Creating other believers is the ultimate skill.

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Be Ready Worksheet

A key commercial leadership skill is PLANNING, or being ready for any partnership conversation. This worksheet will help you capture your story so you are prepared for powerful conversations.

The Be Ready Worksheet is relevant throughout a customer lifecycle. Just update as there is new information or new stakeholders. Bring to review meetings with the commercial or product team. Practice the leadership skill of planning with the Be Ready Worksheet.

Used in:
Account-Based Marketing

The Hero’s Journey

Great leaders are terrific followers. The Hero knows this. Do you have the assertiveness that it takes to convey your own agenda but also the listening to be open to other guys?

Do you have a system for keeping content emotional, rational and relevant? Do you have a method of pushing yourself and your client into the unknown? The Hero’s Journey outlines a mindset that helps you navigate the easiest to the toughest conversations. This is not a sales process or qualification tool. This is the Hero's Journey.

Seeing a customer's perspective and yet still offering your own, being prepared but also being improvisational is perhaps the most difficult commercial skill there is. Practicing the Hero’s Journey is an art that you can begin today.

Used in:
Customer Success +
B2B Sales

Growth Mindset Infographic

The best way to "sell" others is to first manage yourself. This starts with mindset and attitude. This cartoon reminds us that the Hero or Dragon are in charge. The Hero is growth-oriented. You are the Hero when you are open to learning and question assumptions. The Dragon who is fixed. You are the Dragon when you focus on outcomes over process. Don't be the Dragon that acts like a victim and blames others.

Use this growth mindset will improve your resilience, grit, and growth.

Used in:
Assessment + Coaching