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Work on Your Shadow: Inspiring

As a team member, you are a natural born planner and scheduler. You love the rules and making arrangements. What would make your results even better? A practice to get out on stage and improvise, and to tell stories.

We offer training to enhance your commercial effectiveness for future habit-building and improvement. Bring our coaches your toughest questions.

Choose a time and date that work for you. We'll contact you to schedule your personal training. All trainings are available at our WeWork Amsterdam locations.

This training is provided by Lightbulb Labs.

What You Get

Premium Assessment and Results

Access to our full-length assessment tool and 2 page individualised report on results

Time with a Coach

A dedicated session for your personal development

Practical Tools

Develop new commercial habits which advance your career and learning, using custom visual tools and exercises

Course Structure

  • Understand Your Strengths & Shadows

    Learn about your unique commercial archetype and enhance your strengths to become even better

  • Practice New Habits: Inspiring

    Learn what the pros do in improvisational comedy, simulate a collaborative creative experience, and learn about research in cognitive science

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