Account-Based Sales

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How good would it feel if you knew eventually everyone you met with would say yes?

Most SaaS and tech B2B firms today still see sales as a bit of a mystery and simply have people calling and social selling. But doesn't this have you constantly changing your message and product to "fit" with the deal? Isn't that irritating the heck out of your Customer Success and Product teams? Do you sense there is a better way? If your company is serious about Account-Based Growth and Account Based Marketing then this is the workshop for you.

We will help you further define the "right fit customer", develop sales goals around personas, help you develop demos and pitch decks for target accounts and get aligned with your SDRs, Marketing, Product and Customer Success for an amazing journey.

This 3-part workshop will give Sales and Account Executive teams the tools and insight to get your ABS journey going. We'll give you the option of attending one of our evening sessions at our Amsterdam Training Office or your location. Your team will work together on account based marketing, personas, and messaging. Using our proprietary method, individuals will get to interactively practice these tools and align to a customer base that everyone will be excited about serving. This course is ideal for new teams who might not be familiar with a growth system or seasoned veterans looking to learn more about modern buyers.

Are you ready to close at least 2 out of every 10 prospects?


Named Segments and Accounts

Focusing on named segments of customer types by market, product and attributes

Shared Language

Using clear and articulate language to orchestrate with peers on thewhole journey

Aligned Campaigns

Getting the team on the same page and on a weekly/monthly cadence


  • Week 1 | Intro to ABS

    Align your pitch to buyer segments, build insight around them and tailor your sales process to a specific company list.

  • Week 2 | Selling to Personas

    Create great buyer and user persons to focus your commercial processes and selling styles.

  • Week 3 | Aligned Messaging

    Guarantee customer success from the start with messaging and language built for those you are targeting

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